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The www Redirect Checker Tool is a web-based utility designed to help users check and analyze the redirection behavior of a website when accessing it with or without the "www" prefix in the URL. It provides insights into how the website's domain or subdomain handles redirects and helps users understand the impact on search engine optimization (SEO) and user experience.

The tool works by taking a URL input and performing a series of checks to determine the redirection status and behavior. Here's a step-by-step description of how the www Redirect Checker Tool typically functions:

  1. Input URL: Users enter the website URL they want to analyze in the tool's input field. It could be a domain (e.g., "example.com") or a specific URL (e.g., "example.com/page").

  2. Protocol Check: The tool verifies if the provided URL includes the appropriate protocol prefix (HTTP or HTTPS). If the protocol is missing, it assumes the HTTP protocol by default.

  3. www Prefix Check: The tool determines whether the entered URL contains the "www" prefix. If it does, it proceeds to check the redirection behavior for both versions (with and without "www"). If the URL already lacks the "www" prefix, it solely focuses on the non-www version.

  4. Redirection Analysis: The tool initiates a series of requests to the provided URL, simulating the user's access. It follows the redirection chain and collects information about each step.

  5. Redirection Status: The tool determines the HTTP status code returned by the server for each redirection step. Common status codes include 301 (Permanent Redirect), 302 (Temporary Redirect), or 200 (OK).

  6. Redirection Path: The tool tracks the sequence of redirects encountered during the analysis. It records the URLs visited along the redirection chain, providing a clear overview of how the website handles the redirection process.

  7. Final Destination: The tool identifies the ultimate destination URL where the redirection chain ends. This is the final URL that users land on when accessing the website.

  8. Detailed Report: Once the analysis is complete, the tool generates a detailed report displaying all the relevant information gathered during the process. It includes the HTTP status codes, the redirection path, the final destination URL, and any additional insights or warnings regarding the website's redirection configuration.

The www Redirect Checker Tool serves as a valuable resource for website administrators, developers, and SEO professionals to understand how a website handles redirects and ensure optimal performance, user experience, and search engine visibility.

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